How To Make Delicious Mojitos at Home

how to make mojitos at home

Today I’m going to show you how to make the ever popular mojito! I’m going to make in a traditional style a very similar to la bodega del medio, which is the bar that they originally started making them in Cuba. I think they’ve been making since about 1942, but don’t quote me on that. this method is more preferred method, purely because it’s the fastest, easiest, and it’s consistent as well. so make sure you have all your ingredients lined up in front of you, ready to go! That’s the key to being really quick at these.

1: So you have your white rum.

Adding spiced rum or a dark rum is going to add a bit of complexity. if you stick with the white rum, it’s just going to be a really refreshing drink .

2: so you put your white rum, your sugar, syrup – which is one to one ratio. meaning it’s got equal parts sugar and water.

I’ve pretty squeeze some fresh lime juice and then I’ve got soda water as well.

3: You want to start by grabbing your highball glass. add probably about eight fresh mint leaves. I prefer quite a lot of mints in my mojitos, so I like to put some in that whole.

Remove a little bit of the stem, tear a few leaves as well, and just give it a bit of a clap! This gets a release of some of the oils.

4: Add a double shot, around 60 mls of white rum and I want to add 30 mls. I actually had just a little bit under so probably more like about 25mls of sugar otherwise it’s too sweet and then 30 mls of fresh lime juice and then you want to top that with a lot of ice.

just make sure there’s not too much room for soda.

I just want a healthy – so around 60 mls.

Then you want to grab your bar spoon and you’ll give it a good stir.

rather than your normal sort of circular stirring like to get underneath that and pull the mint right through the drink it’s more pleasing to the eye as well.

I need to finish it off, add two straws and fresh mint!

That’s how quick and easy it is to make a Mojito!

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